bitter/sweet was (re)born in September 2013 as a place to house recipes that I enjoy making for my family. In sharing, my goal is to never post overly complicated, or pretentious recipes. I won’t preach about buying local, organic, or all natural foods. I won’t brag that I make a home made meal every night, either. As a working mom, yes frozen pizza or Mickey D’s happens to be on the menu from time to time and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I won’t post pictures of every single step, unless it is necessary. In short, this will be a guilt-free, judgement-free zone. I should also mention that yes, I am a food scientist by trade… but you won’t see much Alton Brown-type stuff here (or, at least, not much).  That’s my work life!  If I wrote and cooked like a food scientist all day, I’d go nuts.  So, I’ll try to keep it simple.  And, although I’m not afraid of taking short cuts (and yes, *gasp!* using “processed” foods from time to time), this ain’t no Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee, either.


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